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DWU Enrollment terms & Conditions
TERMS & CONDITIONS: By entering your credit card information and registering for this program, you are agreeing to our Monthly, Bi-Annual, or Annual Payment Plan & Subscription Terms and our No Refund Policy.  You are agreeing to pay a mandatory $47monthly, $270 BiAnnual, or $470 Annual enrollment fee to join Dunamis Woman University today. You are also agreeing to pay an ongoing, recurring subscription membership fee of $47 per month (every 30 days), $270 per 6 months , or $470 per year to maintain your active membership status inside Dunamis Woman University. Your first recurring payment will automatically process every 30 days (Monthly Plan), 6months (Bi-Annual Plan) or year (Annual Plan) or on the same date thereafter from the date you enroll. As a member in good standing, meaning there are no pay failures and/or debts on your account, you will continue to retain access to the membership website portal, materials, workshops, events, Q&A calls and private group, for as long as you maintain your membership. Your access ends when you cancel. There is no partial or prorated refund for canceling your subscription prior to your recurring payment date. If you cancel and then re-enroll later, you will be responsible for paying a new enrollment fee and also will be required to pay whatever the new tuition rates might be at that time. If your monthly subscription payment fails, you will instantly and automatically lose access to Dunamis Woman University. You will have up to 30 days to correct your payment, but if you fail to do so within the timeframe, you will be removed and will need to start over by paying a new enrollment fee (at whatever the new enrollment fee is at the time) to join again.

90-Day Cancellation Policy: We do have a cancel at any time policy AFTER you have completed a 90-Day commitment to our Dunamis Woman University (DWU). DWU is not for the "quick fix Believers", bandwagons, or bystanders to just be nosy. We believe that every woman must do the work & commit to her own life and transformational journey with intention as she implements what is being taught. Therefore, we ask that you commit to Dunamis Woman University for at least 90 days before you quit on yourself, your transformation, and your legacy. If you choose to cancel it must be through written email notice, verbal phone communication, or via the membership portal. No personal messages sent via chapter leaders, company or employee social media platforms and/ or personal texts or calls to employees will be considered a cancellation. 

No Refund Policy: We have a no exception refund policy. All membership content is 100% digital so there are no refunds on any payment (partial or full) once you register on any digital program. We do this for a few reasons. 1.) Communication is key and we don’t run from problems. We lift you up & hold you accountable to communicate your concerns, however if you choose to still depart after your 90 day commitment you still must communicate with us prior to your next tuition. 2.) We've found that women who don’t put in work don’t see results. No surprise! This is a place of implementation so we don’t refund lack of effort. 3.) Our membership site offers you hundreds of workshops to watch everything you need right away at any time therefore lack of engagement will not be regarded. So - if you're committed to becoming a Dunamis Woman and seeing miraculous results, start your journey today! If you're not committed to transforming your mind, life, and legacy, you can enroll - but there are still no refunds! 🤗
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