Are you ready to birth the woman within!?
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Dunamis Woman University (DWU) is an online Kingdom educational platform that provides women of faith the opportunity to become a Dunamis Woman by implementing spiritual principles & strategies that will transform their mind, spirit, and soul in order to activate their dunamis power within.
In Dunamis Woman University you will...
You will be exposed to the truth of who you are & why you were created!

You will gain confidence & wisdon on how to walk in your Kingdom authority as a Dunamis Woman!

You will be educated on how to implement Kingdom principles in your everyday life through God’s Word! 

You will transform & renew your mind so you may be used in accordance to God’s will!

You will be empowered to become radical and relentless in your faith! 

You will dismantle the wiles of the enemy & breakthrough life barriers in order to fight for your legacy!

You will elevate in your prayer life, healing journey, and spiritual walk with Christ!
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Women Around the World Enrolled...Now it's Your Time!
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By joining the Dunamis Woman University you are BOLDLY shutting the enemy down and saying "YES" to...
Saying "yes" to becoming the Dunamis Woman you were created to be!

Saying "yes" to being more aware of the enemy's schemes and tactics!

Saying "yes" to the higher calling of God for your life & relationships!

Saying "yes" to being strengthened from unexpected life challenges that try to wear you down!

Saying "yes" to being enlightened to the truth and renewing of your mind!

Saying "yes" to using God's word as intervention instead of prevention!

Saying "yes" to breaking generational curses, strongholds and barriers repeating in your life!

Saying "yes" to accepting nothing less than God’s perfect will for your life!
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In DWU You will  BIRTH the woman within! 
Who the HELL Am I?
Every woman wants to know! So she pursues a journey to bring healing to the depths of her soul. Freedom within her mind, body, and spirit is what her heart longs after. She’s ready to experience wholesome relationships and live out the purpose God has for her in a new life chapter!

Are you ready to discover who you are & birth the woman within!
Be one of the exclusive 100 women to enroll!
Be in a safe space where you can be raw, real, and receive revelation for your life!
Become healed from your past pains and implement spiritual principals daily in your life and relationships! 
Become bold and confident in who you are as a woman! No longer will you diminish your true beauty or doubt yourself! 
Frequently Asked Questions
Are the workshops live or pre-recorded? 
The workshops are pre-recorded and you can watch them at your own convenience at any time. 
Will the workshops be removed? 
Once you become a member you will have lifetime access to the workshops, unless you cancel your membership.  
Is this a subscription?  
Yes, this is an monthly or annual recurring subscription. No contract, you can cancel at anytime.
How will workshops be released?  
We will release a workshop once a month in our Birthing the Woman Series with a homework assignment! We also have other workshops ranging in emotional healing, life & relationships, and spiritual development to aid you! 
Will I get 1-on-1 Coaching with Pastor Dee or Ariel? 
No. The University provides monthly online coaching workshops for you to be self-guided and held accountable with other members in the group. We will all gather together for group Q&A calls. 
The Dynamic Trio
Davetta "Dee" Collins | Ariel Fuller | Allison Fuller

Dunamis Woman University is spearheaded by Davetta " Dee" Collins the CEO & Founder of Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC a movement that guides women of faith on how to heal within their soul so they may transform their life & relationships while igniting their power through prayer & spiritual warfare! 

Dunamis is the miraculous power of God that resides on the inside of every woman and through this University Davetta and her daughters, Allison & Ariel will equip you on how to become a Dunamis Woman as His chosen vessel so you can transform spiritually, emotionally, and mentally!

They are willing to cultivate every woman who first, sees herself as a priority and second, desires to be effective within her life, home, business, marriage, and family! In this University they will be raw, real, and relatable as they share their life journey and coach you on various topics so you can learn “how to” truly walk in the abundant life God destined for you. 

So don't one of the exclusive women to invest in yourself and enroll to start implementing spiritual principles and see a miraculous transformation in your life!
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