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Are you ready to see the woman within healed & set free as you become a warrior for your life and legacy?  Then DWU is the place for you!
Dunamis Woman University is now open! 
300 spots available! 
The doors will close in... 
Dunamis Woman University (DWU) is an online platform that will guide you on a journey of becoming a Dunamis Woman through the Word of God so you can heal within your soul, birth the woman within, and transform your life & legacy as a warrior! If you're ready to learn and implement Kingdom principles and strategies to get miraculous outcomes then it's your time to join us! 
Get ready to unleash & birth the woman within!
 It is time to discover your true identity as a woman, wife, and warrior so you can birth miracles & transform your life & legacy as you execute God's plans for His Kingdom on earth! 
Why should you join DWU? Hear this special message from Pastor Dee!
  • You will be exposed to the truth of who you are & how to walk boldly as the woman, wife, and warrior! 
  • You will gain confidence & wisdom on how to execute in your Kingdom authority as a Dunamis Woman!
  • ​You will be taught about the Kingdom through the Word of God and learn how to implement His principles in your everyday life for transformation! 
  • ​You will go through a breaking process to renew your mind so you may be used in accordance to God’s will!
  • ​You will be empowered to become radical & relentless in your faith, finances, and fortitude! 
  • ​You will dismantle the wiles of the enemy & learn how to fight for your legacy!
  • ​You will find you again as you elevate in your prayer life, healing journey, and spiritual walk with Christ!
Your Membership to Dunamis Woman University Includes...
Monthly Workshops
Pastor Dee & Ari  will guide you through Kingdom Coaching Workshops that will take you on a journey deep within your heart & soul to become a Dunamis Woman!
Monthly Live Q & A Calls
Every month you will join Pastor Dee & Ari LIVE to receive coaching strategies to apply to your life with specificity!
Dunamis Woman Conference Access!
Get exclusive access to attend our annual Dunamis Woman Conference held in July 
Private Chapter Events
By becoming a member you will join a DWU Chapter in your area! Get invites to in-person meetups, monthly chapter prayer calls!
How DWU enrollment works?
Commit to investing in yourself! 
You can enroll as a annual member and be one of the exclusive 300 women to join the Dunamis Woman University today! 
Cultivate yourself through our monthly workshops and Q & A Calls!
Every month you will receive a Kingdom Teaching Workshop for you to study. Then join our live Q&A calls to get the coaching you need to apply to your life so you can heal, grow, and transform!
Connect with your Chapter Leader & Sisters!
DWU has women across the globe! Join a chapter in your local area and meet your Chapter Leader! You will get exclusive access to chapter meet ups, prayer calls, and our private facebook group!
Don't wait...step out on faith and be one of the 300 women to enroll today!
Don't take our word..hear why current members love DWU? 
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Monthly tuition

Monthly Payment 
Renews every month
  • Monthly DWU Coaching Workshop
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call
  • Monthly Chapter Connect
  • DWU Perk: Unlimited access to Healing for My Soul™ Challenges & Revival Replays
annual tuition

Renews every year
  • Monthly DWU Coaching Workshop
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call
  • Monthly Chapter Connect
  • DWU Perk: Unlimited access to Healing for My Soul™ Challenges & Revival Replays
  • Black Friday Bonuses:
  • A Virtual Ticket to Prophetic Prayer Seminar
  • How to Posture My Hear in Prayer Online Course
  •  Strongholds & Spiritual Warfare Online Course
  • Dunamis Woman Purse
Extra Perk: As a DWU member you get unlimited access to the replays of over 15 Healing for My Soul™ Challenges & Dunamis Woman Revivals!
By joining the Dunamis Woman University you are BOLDLY shutting the enemy down and saying "YES" to...
Saying "yes" to becoming the Dunamis Woman you were created to be!

Saying "yes" to being more aware of the enemy's schemes and tactics!

Saying "yes" to the higher calling of God for your life & relationships!

Saying "yes" to being strengthened from unexpected life challenges that try to wear you down!

Saying "yes" to putting in the work to get miraculous results!

Saying "yes" to using God's word as intervention instead of prevention!

Saying "yes" to breaking generational curses, strongholds and barriers repeating in your life!

Saying "yes" to accepting nothing less than God’s perfect will for your life!
1,000 women around the world have transformed...now it's your time!
About the Dunamis Woman™ Leaders
The Dynamic Duo
Ariel Fuller | Davetta "Dee" Mallory 

Dunamis Woman University is spearheaded by DaVetta Mallory & Ariel Fuller the Co-Owners of Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC a faith based business that guides women on how to heal within their soul so they may transform their life & relationships while igniting their power through prayer & spiritual warfare! 

Dunamis is the miraculous power of God that resides on the inside of every woman and through this University, Pastor Dee & Ari will equip you on how to become a Dunamis Woman as His chosen vessel so you can transform spiritually, emotionally, and mentally!

They are willing to cultivate every woman who first, sees herself as a priority and second, desires to be effective within her life, home, business, marriage, and family! In DWU they will be raw, real, and relatable as they share their life journey and coach you on various topics so you can learn “how to” truly walk in the abundant life God destined for you. 

So don't hesitate...be one of the exclusive women to invest in yourself and enroll to start implementing spiritual principles and see a miraculous transformation in your life!
Meet your Chapter Leaders across the 🌎
The top 3 mindsets women breakthrough when joining DWU!
God is calling you to a higher place in the Kingdom and it is time for you to make radical decisions & put a demand on your faith!
Frequently Asked Questions
Are the workshops live or pre-recorded? 
The workshops are pre-recorded and you can watch them at your own convenience at any time. 
Will the workshops be removed? 
Once you become a member you will have lifetime access to the workshops, unless you cancel your membership.  
Is this a subscription?  
Yes, this is an annual recurring investment. We have a No Refund policy and 90 Day Commitment Policy .
How will workshops be released?  
We will release a workshop once a month  with a homework assignment! We also have other workshops ranging in emotional healing, life & relationships, and spiritual development to aid you! 
Will I get 1-on-1 Coaching with Pastor Dee or Ariel? 
No. The University provides monthly online coaching workshops for you to be self-guided and held accountable with other members in the group. We will all gather together for group Q&A calls. 
"I joined DW University because after losing my mother I had some mild depression, negative thinking, marriage troubles and past traumas that I locked away. I began to keep to myself, it was hard to make time for my kids and husband. I was praying trying to seek God for answers of all that I was feeling.  I realized I got so loaded with helping others husband, family etc that I wasn't taking care of me. I started exercising everyday, making sure I got time for myself and God. After watching the healing challenge I joined the Dunamis Woman University because I know I can get both healing and wisdom here. Every workshop confirms what I'm experiencing. I'm excited to grow, not be afraid, learn to trust, be quiet, communicate and love." Elizabeth W.
"I joined the University because I want better for my life. I been through so many trials as far as molestation, abuse, depression, anxiety and so much more. I been so stressed out and all over the place for many years and even having low self esteem. Although I been through so much I still had a little inch of hope that I’m worthy of many great things. When I first saw your challenge on Facebook about about sex ties and strongholds it really opened me up. I reflected on my past life and really realized everything that I have gotten through was because of our wonderful Father God. I want to learn so much more of him and how I can walk in purpose. I want to quit relying on sex from men who don’t even appreciate me and let go of this anxiety that been tearing me up since my younger teens. I am a Dunamis Woman and I’m ready to walk in that faith!' - China W.
"I joined the Dunamis Woman University because I was tired! I know God put a fire in me to use for his kingdom purpose but over the last few years I have used it for the wrong purposes and felt like I made all the wrong choices in my life by choosing the wrong men in my life and becoming a single mom. I was tired of being that angry women that has a way with words both good and bad ones. I know God created me for so much Greater and I was finally at a point where the old way just wouldn't do. I wanted to be able to battle the right way and win not just for myself but souls for the kingdom."- Monyette A.
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